Ceremony celebrating 200-day countdown to the 2020 Sixth Asian Beach Games held in Sanya 2020-05-12 19:38:01  

2020-05-13 15:37:49  

The ceremony saw the official launch of the new official website, the contract signing of the first batch of franchisees, and the announcement of the first torch bearer of the ABG, which marked that the preparation for the ABG is going full steam ahead.

In addition, on the ceremony, the origin of the ABG, the highlights of the previous events, the charm of Sanya City were presented through interviews and live audios and videos to the citizens and visitors in an all-around way.

The ABG licensed merchandise are all cultural and creative products with independent intellectual property rights, including the mascot "Yaya" plush dolls, steel tongue drums, refrigerator stickers, sports belt bags, badges, notebooks and so on. Many companies signed the contracts on the ceremony to obtain the franchise right of the ABG licensed merchandise.

It is worth mentioning that the representatives of Hainan medical team aiding Hubei were invited to the ceremony, and the outstanding ones would become the torch bearers of the Sixth Asian Beach Games to participate in the activities of torch relay.

The Asian Beach Games is the largest comprehensive beach games in Asia. The 6th Asian Beach Games will be held in Sanya from November 28th to December 6th, which features 17 major sports including Aquatics (Open Water Swimming and Water Polo), Beach Athletics, etc. It is the first intercontinental comprehensive sports meeting held in Hainan.

Wuzhizhou Island tourist area is located at Haitang Bay, Sanya City, and was awarded a national 5A-level scenic spot on November 4, 2016. With rich underwater ecological resources and a full range of water sports activities, the tourist area has now become a national coastal island tourism resort complex and a famous tourist destination in Hainan.