The Asian Beach Games brings brand-new opportunities to Sanya's development

2020-04-29 14:51:20  

From November 28 to December 6 in 2020, the sixth Asian Beach Games will be held in Sanya of Hainan province. It is the first time for the province to host a great intercontinental sports event.

The LPGA Masters, the Formula E E-Prix Race and the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race were ever held in Sanya city. Apart from the convenience of the inbound visa-free policies and the opening of international air routes, Sanya boasts 258.6-km coastline, 19 harbors and 40 islands, contributing to the natural resource advantages for Sanya to host water sports, beach sports and other outdoor sports.

The statistics shows that Sanya's total production value reached 59.551 billion yuan with a resident population of about 800,000, and received 20.997 million overnight visitors in 2018. According to the law of sports development, a city with a population of 2 million and a total production value of 20 billion US dollars can support a top professional sports club in the world. In other words, there is plenty of room for improvement in sports for Sanya.

At present, Sanya is preparing for the sixth Asian Beach Games in 2020, involving those popular sports such as open water swimming, beach volleyball, yacht sailing, windsurfing, rock climbing, surfing, motorboat and so on. Meanwhile, with the elements of beach and coast, the Asian Beach Games is in line with the urban style of Sanya, which will attract groups of sports enthusiasts to come to Sanya for consumption.

The Sanya International Sports Industrial Park has been under construction since March this year, where there will be built a comprehensive stadium that can accommodate 40,000 people, a gymnasium with 10,000 people, and a swimming pool for 3,000 people, which will support the sixth Asian Beach Games with venues and other services. The Sports Industry Park not only serves sports events, but will become an important place for the people to relax, exercise and consume in the future.

By taking advantage of the Asian Beach Games, Sanya will innovatively integrate sports resources with sports events as its core, and blend the sports industry into the development of economy, tourism and culture. With the aim to make the sports industry as the pillar industry of the city's development, Sanya intends to rely on this unique resource advantages to become a great sports city.

In the future, Sanya is planning to adhere to the development concept of sharing, to build related brands of international coastal tourist city and to form an open cooperation platform for domestic and foreign markets, eventually to become a new urban model city with the characteristics of sports.

Source: Xinhua