About Sanya 2020

Sanya ABG Mascot



Sanya officially unveiled the mascot, a lively Eld's deer called "Yaya", for the Sixth Asian Beach Games 2020 (ABG 2020) on November 28, 2019 (local time), the day marking the one-year countdown to the event.

The design concept of the mascot is inspired by the Eld's deer, a unique species in Hainan and a Class I Key Protected Species in China, which is reputed as "Elf of Hainan Island". Deer, which sounds like "LU" (good fortune) in Mandarin, bears an auspicious meaning in traditional Chinese culture. And the city of Sanya also has a nickname of "Deer City", which is originated from a beautiful love legend, "the deer looking back", widely spread among Li ethnic minority people. The 3D personalized Eld's deer, which is friendly, adorable and dynamic, embodies the harmonious coexistence between human and nature, becoming an effective carrier to promote the vision of ABG 2020 in hosting a green game.

The mascot is named "Yaya", with the association with both Sanya and Asia, symbolizing the interconnected and interdependent relationship among Sanya, Asia and other parts of the world. The idea of having a running Eld's deer for the mascot stems from close observation of the deer's living habit, which best represents the pioneering spirit, confidence and determination of Hainan people in accelerating the development of the pilot free trade zone and the free trade port with Chinese characteristics.

By integrating the image of an Eld's deer and modern beachwear, the mascot fully reflects the appeal of beach sports and the fashionable features of Sanya city . The heart-shaped pattern on Yaya's nasal tip symbolizes friendly greetings extended by the host city to friends all over the world, as well as an open invitation to people across Asian countries and regions in building a harmonious and prosperous Asia.