Yaya wants you to try powered paragliding in Sanya

2020-11-26 16:54:42 News source:Hihainan By: Cai Rong

Do you often look up into the vast expanse of the sky, and wonder what it’s like up there? Have you ever imagined what it’s like to be able to fly?

In the sports-loving city of Sanya, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t challenge yourself by trying a few of the many exciting extreme sports on offer. 

Powered paragliding is one of the events of the Sixth Asian Beach Games Sanya 2020 (hereinafter referred to as the “Sanya Asian Beach Games”), as well as an extreme sport that can give you a bird’s eye view of the city’s beautiful scenery.

The invention of the paraglider gave humans wings of their own. Flitting through the sky on a paraglider, you, can enjoy the peace and pleasure of “escaping” earth’s gravity. You might even start to sing like a bird as you soar!

Sanya is not only a thrilling but also a quite romantic vacation destination.

As your paraglider slowly ascends into the deep blue vault of heaven, you’ll have a panoramic view of the sea and sky, and you’ll discover that Sanya has so many of her own stories to tell.

The Sanya Asian Beach Games will be held from Apr. 2 - 10 next year in Sanya. “Yaya”, the mascot of the Sanya Asian Beach Games, will tell you all about the powered paragliding competition that will be held at the Games.

The Powered paragliding competition will be held in Sanya’s Yazhou Bay. There are three events in the competition: economic flight, precision flight, and team flight. The competition is divided into two categories: economic flight and precision flight, although this sport does not have a separate men’s or women’s division - everyone competes together.

Come to Sanya and challenge yourself to give powered paragliding a try with “Yaya”! Let’s meet in Sanya at the Sanya Asian Beach Games.