About Sanya 2020


2020-04-29 09:56:29  

1f04068abfaece8e6fac0d7e563afe8c.jpgPowered Paragliding, also known as Paramotoring or PPG, is a personal recreational flying device,  as well as a popular sport combining technical skill, stamina, and intelligence that is very popular with extreme sports fans.

Powered Paragliding is the only sporting event to take place in the skies at this year’s Asian Beach Games, and it is just as popular as other, more traditional sports, with the competition one of the most anticipated parts of the Games! This sport depends greatly on the weather conditions. Airspeed on the ground must not exceed 6 meters / second, and visibility must be greater than 1 kilometer, with no rain. In order to meet the competition requirements, the organizing committee will offer relevant services, including a daily report of the temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind speed, and visibility forecast for the competition time.