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2020-04-29 09:50:37  


Beach Kabaddi originated in S. Asia, and is similar to the Chinese folk game “Eagle Catches Chick”. Kabbadi is a popular folk sport among the young people of India and Pakistan. It can be played on a level field, without any equipment. The field has a 6.40-7.32 meter long center line, and on either end of the center line sits a person or a pile of clothes as a marker. This sport requires nimbleness, excellent lung capacity, muscle coordination, and fast reflexes. During games, two teams of 4 players each stand on opposite sides of the field. During the game, one player on offense shouts “Kabaddi”, and runs onto the opposite team’s territory, tagging as many defenders as possible with any part of the body, and returns to his team’s side, scoring a point for each defender he tagged. In theory, the most points that can be scored by an offensive player at once is four, but if he does not tag any defenders during his attack, or if he is blocked from returning to his side, and cannot continue his shout of “Kabaddi” clearly, the defending side scores one point.