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2020-04-29 09:43:38  


Beach Volleyball is a sport that is popular across the globe right now. Beach Volleyball stadiums include the playing court and a free zone. The basic rules, court dimensions, volleyball size, scoring, exchange of service rights, and other aspects of the Beach Volleyball competition are basically the same as those of Indoor Volleyball. The 8 by 16 meter court is covered in fine, soft sand, but there is no service area or limits of front or rear arrangement. Usually a match consists of 3 sets, with the winning team taking 2 out of 3. For each set, only the team serving can score, and the first team to 21 points wins the set. If both teams reach a tie score of 20 points apiece, play is continued until a 2 point lead is achieved. In fact, Beach Volleyball is both fun and entertaining, and for the most part the rules can be ignored, and players can even make up their own rules. Regulations on uniforms are also very relaxed, and players can wear what they like, but bikinis are best for showing off the players’ excellent physiques. For most people, the attraction of Beach Volleyball is in its simplicity and liveliness.