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2020-04-29 09:37:34  


Dragon Boat Racing originated in China, but there are varying reports of where. The most widespread is that Dragon Boat competitions began in the rescue or perhaps when visiting QU Yuan. Dragon Boat Racing is a traditional Chinese sport, and is especially popular in Guangdong. Dragon Boat Racing arose to commemorate the patriotic poet QU Yuan in the year 278 BC, and is held during the Dragon Boat Festival every year on the fifth day of the firth lunar month. Over the years, it has changed and developed from a commemorative activity to a boat race held across the country. As Chinese people traveled and moved across the globe, Dragon Boat Racing came along and now Dragon Boat Races are held yearly in over 50 countries and regions. Dragon Boat Races are common in southern China, and are held at annual “Dragon Boat Festivals.” In 2010 in Guangzhou, Dragon Boat Racing became an official sport of the Asian Games for the first time.