Beach Games Encyclopedia: How to Play Beach Kabaddi

2020-04-26 11:05 

01 The Origins of Beach Kabaddi

Beach Kabaddi

The sport of kabaddi originated in southern Asia, and then spread throughout southeast Asia. It’s a uniquely Asian sport. Originally, it was a hunting training technique of ancient humanity, a game invented around the ideas of wrestling and fighting. Beach Kabaddi is one version of kabaddi played on a soft, sandy beach, making it relatively safe for athletes to throw each other and fall onto the ground. 


02 Beach Kabaddi Rules

Beach Kabaddi games last 30 minutes, and are divided into two halves. During the games, the two four-player teams stand on their half of the field, and one member of the offense continuously shouts kabaddias he runs across the center line to raid. After the Raider enters the opposing team's side, he can touch the defenders with any part of his body, and after touching a defender, if the Raider successfully returns to his side he is awarded a point, with one point awarded for each member of the defense that he touched. In theory, each Raider can score up to 6 points per raid, with two extra points awarded to the Raider for touching every member of the defending team and successfully returning to his side.


If the Raider does not succeed in touching any defenders, or after touching them is blocked from returning to his side, and cant continue to should kabaddiclearly, the defense is awarded 1 point. During the game, the two teams alternate making raids. 

03 Previous Asian Beach Games Kabaddi Medal Winners


In the previous 5 Asian Beach Games, India’s Women’s Kabaddi Team has been the champion 5 times running. India is also the country with the most total medals. 


This is a thrilling contact sport! The Asian Beach Games welcomes everyone to come to Sanya in to watch the competition, which will be held from Nov. 28 - Dec. 6. See you there!