ABG mascot Yaya's sporting figures revealed

2020-04-26 10:23 

On March 31, the organizing committee of the 2020 Sixth Asian Beach Games (hereinafter referred to as the ABG) officially released the sporting figures of mascot. Yaya is transformed into an "all-around athlete", combining the 17 competition events of the ABG, interpreting the stylish, environmentally friendly, exciting and grand ABG concepts, and sending out warm invitations to the world.

Picture provided by the organizing committee of the ABG Association

Yaya's new looks are full of visual impact, showing the charm of fashion and vitality. With bright eyes, enthusiastic smiles, and dynamic sports posture, it displays the spirit and energy of ABG.

According to the characteristics of different competitions, the dimensions presented by "Yaya" are completely different. "The shape design must not only reflect Yaya's friendly, cute, and agile image but also take into account the speed, professionalism, strength and other characteristics of sports," Zheng Lei, head of the mascot design team, introduced that the team strives to use the simplest and vivid forms to present the best results. By using the "decisive moment"  of competitions, it shows the unique connotation and significance of sports events.

The relevant person in charge of the organizing committee of the ABG Association said that the mascot sports figures' modeling will be an important part of the competition's visual system and will be widely used in stadiums, market development, image landscape engineering construction and other publicity and promotion occasions.