Invitation from Asian Beach Games to China's mainstream media: See ya in Sanya in 2020!

2020-04-29 15:06:37  

On November 7th, with the theme of "Splendid New Era and Beautiful Hainan", a group of media workers from China's mainstream media organizations arrived in Sanya and visited the 6th Asian Beach Games 2020 organizing committee.

It is learned that the 6th Asian Beach Games 2020 will be held in Sanya from November 28th to December 6th next year. The organizing committee introduced relevant information and preparation works about the games to the invited media today. It is also learned that the committee is pushing forward the preparation for the Asian Beach Games, including personnel and volunteers' recruitment, mascot release, facilities and infrastructures' constructions, marketing and publicities.

Ye Kaizhong, vice secretary of the organizing committee and vice secretary of Sanya municipal government said :"The Asian Beach Games concept matches the city's image. It is a game whose topic is beach sports. Sanya has the advantages of nature environment and facilities to hold the games."

"We will promote Sanya City through the publicity of the Asian Beach Games, " said Cao Xuejun, director of the publicity and media service department of the organizing committee.  "We believe that the Asian Beach Game will revitalize the beach sport events in Hainan and promote the development of the sports," Ye Kaizhong said. He also indicated that Hainan will create brands of beach sports in Hainan and hold more beach events that are more interesting and innovative on the basis of the Asian Beach Games.

Holding a major sports event is a challenge for a city. Media reporters asked: After the opening ceremony of Asian Beach Games, a large number of athletes, spectators and tourists will flood into Sanya, will Sanya have the corresponding facilities and services for this? "We are proud to say that we are ready," said Ye Kaizhong. He indicated that Sanya is focusing on city landscape, ecological environment, tourism service and market supervision in order to conduct projects especially the language barrier-free international city construction.

On October 25th, the Games' emblem and slogan "See ya in Sanya" were officially announced. A total of 17 competition items are set for the Asian Beach Games 2020. It is expected that about 4000 athletes from 45 countries and regions will take part in it.