Charming Sanya

Sanya West Island witnessed the flourishing home stays in the past 4 years

2020-04-27 10:13:27  

In the past few years, the home stay at Sanya West Island has been increasingly popular among the tourists.

"Up to now there are ten homes stays opening at West Island, plus 7 ones preparing for opening, " said Li Qingxue, director of West Island community residents committee, noting that more and more characteristic home stays have emerged at the West Island in the past 4 years since the first home stay was founded by the local resident Li Xiaokang in 2015.

At present, Hainan province is taking the development of village home stays as the drive to thrive the countryside, with the plan to build 480 home stays with local characteristics around the province by 2021.

In 2015, Li Xiaokang returned to his hometown to start up his own business and opened a home stay, namely "Xiaokang Bieyuan", at the fishing village of West Island. He often takes the tourists who come to visit his home stay to go beachcombing or see the coral stone houses, and shares with them the stories of the female militia in the history of West Island, making them have more understanding of the life and history of this fishing village. Soon his home stay turned to be a hot place, whose house price per night was even over 1000 yuan during the Spring Festival.

"Many tourists would stay for a while after visiting the West Island. They like to ramble from the fishing village to the attractions, go diving, take photos or running. In the afternoon, they can go to the markets to buy some seafood or just enjoy it in the local restaurants, and live at the home stays in the fishing village at night," said Li Qingxue, adding that actually there was a wall between the scenic area and the fishing village before 2017, which impeded the development of the West Island.

Later, Sanya municipal government undertook the upgraded construction to build the West Island community into a beautiful countryside, facilitating the infrastructure such as the dock, road, community square and markets, as well as some public service facilities such as Seaside Books House and the exhibition hall of female militia. Then the first phase of West Island Fishing Village was completed on November 2017, integrating the resources of the scenic spots and the fishing village.

Wang Haigang from Jiangsu province visited the West Island with his friends in 2017. Seeing the rich tourism resources and the increasing popularity of West Island, he had the idea to open a home stay there. Then he rented a local house in the village and renovated it in accordance with the fishing village. This year, his home stay has been opened to the tourists, which boasts flourishing business.

According to Li Qingxue, the construction concept of the fishing village is that protection comes the first and development the second. The coral stone old house in the village, especially, is the valuable cultural tangible heritage, whose exploitation will be regulated by the government. "We have established the West Island Tourism Association with the aim to enhance the management of all the home stays."

In terms of the goal of the development of home stays in the countryside, Hainan province encourages some cities and counties to create a cluster of home stays relying on the outstanding tourism resources, including not only the West Island community in Sanya, but also the Boao Town in Qionghai City and Xinglong Tourism Resort in Wanning City.