Charming Sanya

Come to Luhuitou in Sanya to see monkeys

2020-04-27 10:10:53  

"Come to Luhuitou, there are a group of wild monkeys here!"

On the evening of April 14th, the reporter rushed to the scene after receiving a call from the public and enjoyed a "monkey show" up close.

Luhuitou Scenic Area, located 3 kilometers south of Sanya City, is the southernmost hilltop of Hainan Island, also known as Luhuitou Ridge. The mountain faces the sea on three sides, looks like a deer, and is 275 meters high. If you climb to the top of Luhuitou Mountain, and you will have a panoramic view of the city of Sanya.

Luhuitou Ridge sits in a pristine tropical rain forest, with an altitude of more than 200 meters and steep terrain. The vegetation in the valley is lush, and there are all kinds of wild fruits. According to the staff of the scenic spot, Luhuitou Scenic Area is located in the Huoling City Nature Reserve in Sanya. The ecosystem of this reserve is special and has high biodiversity. There are 137 species of animals in the area, including the 11 species of wildlife under second class protection like macaque. "At the beginning, there were only a few monkeys, but with the protection of the scenic area and other factors, it constantly attracted more wild macaques to the scenic area," said the staff.

On the same day, in Luhuitouling, the reporter saw more than 20 monkeys jumping on the branches, some foraging, and some playing around.

"Seeing that they are happy in nature, we have also experienced the joy of nature and being away from downtown," said Mr. Ren, a citizen.