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Public Beaches Open Again in Major Sanya Bays During the May Day Holiday

2020-04-27 10:10:06  

With the May Day holiday around the corner, Sanya’s tourism departments and companies are on standby, doing epidemic prevention and control work in advance of the holidays, and strengthening standardized management of travel enterprises such as tourist attractions and hotels.  

A series of safe travel products have been launched, combining beaches, gardens, tropical rain forests, beautiful villages, and more natural tourism resources. These multiple measures create a safe and orderly tourism environment for citizens and tourists.

According to the Notice on the Requirements for the Prevention and Control of Covid-19 during the May Day holiday issued by the province’s Covid-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters recently, all tourism companies in Sanya are required to strengthen inspections of public places, equipment and facilities, to protect tourist safety and other key aspects, ensuring safe operation. At the same time, measures including disinfection, temperature testing in public places, and checking  the Hainan Health QR code will be taken.

In order to provide a safe, enjoyable May Day holiday for the public, the government of Sanya has coordinated with tourism companies including tourist attractions and hotels, taking advantage of the area’s rich natural resources and launching products including beach tours, countryside tours, village tours, and forest tours, thus creating a safe traveling environment. Public beaches in major Sanya bays, including Sanya Bay, Dadonghai, and Yalong Bay have an excellent environment and beautiful scenery, and will be open to the public during the holiday, allowing everyone to enjoy playing on the beach and the clear waters and blue skies of Sanya.