Follow “Yaya” to explore the Hainan Island Carnival in Sanya

2020-12-04 18:26:05  By: Chen Shumin

The Hainan Island Carnival has kicked its 21st season off on Nov 20. So today let’s follow along with “Yaya”, the mascot of the Sixth Asian Beach Games 2020, to explore some of the fun activities happening in Sanya during the Carnival.

Go Shopping at the Sanya International Duty Free Shopping Complex

As the Second Island-Departure Duty-Free Shopping Festival has been going on in Sanya since mid-to-late June, Sanya is one of the best shopping destinations during the Hainan Island Carnival.

 Sanya International Duty Free Shopping Complex (

As the world's largest duty-free mall, the Sanya International Duty Free Shopping Complex is a great destination for visitors to enjoy Hainan's preferential duty-free policy. Take the opportunity to make the best use of your annual duty-free shopping quota of 100,000 yuan!

Experience Beach Sports at Sanya Bay or Sanya Serenity Marina

If you enjoy beach sports, Sanya is the place to be!

Sanya is the venue for the 11th Round Hainan International Regatta 2020 and the 2020 Hainan Beach Sports Carnival.

The 11th Round Hainan International Regatta 2020  (

The 2020 Hainan Beach Sports Carnival (

So here in Sanya you can not only watch your favorite beach sports competitions, but also have the opportunity to enjoy participating in them yourself!   

Take Wedding Photos at Sanya Bay, Yalong Bay, or Sanya Serenity Marina

Sanya, with the annual Destination Wedding Expo being held from December 16 - 18 this year, is a hugely popular wedding photography destination.

A couple are taking wedding photos at sunset at Sanya Bay. (

Are you ready to head down to beautiful, romantic Sanya City to take your very own priceless wedding photos with your Mr./Ms. Right? Your love will be captured forever, shining brighter than even the Sanya sun, and outlasting even the eternal waves on the Sanya shores.