Mid-Autumn Fun and the Games

2020-10-05 12:28:49 News By: Cai Rong

Group photo at the 2020 Mid-Autumn Festival (SCCYL)

Hainan’s scenic Tianya Haijiao (meaning “the edge of the sky, rim of the sea”) was the place to be for university students seeking some mid-autumn fun.

Dozens of local and foreign students from ten countries, including Belarus and Uzbekistan, turned up for the annual Mid-Autumn Festival hosted by the Sanya Committee of the Communist Youth League (SCCYL).

From a trivia quiz about the festival to face painting to mooncake making and eating, the special day was celebrated in true Chinese style.

The event also offered an opportunity to learn more about the Asian Beach Games to be held next year in Sanya, Hainan.

ABG is recruiting volunteers! (Rui Yonghui)

To volunteer or not? (Rui Yonghui)

Several international students signed on as ABG volunteers, eager to use their language skills to help promote Hainan and China to the rest of the world.

International students smile for the camera. (Hainan Tropical Ocean University)