The cable structure construction of Sanya Stadium completed

2020-09-02 16:52:01  

On the morning of August 31, as the last batch of radial cable tension was in place and the pin connection with the ring beam was completed, the cable structure tensioning and lifting work of the Sanya International Sports Industrial Park Stadium Project was completed. The height of the upper ring cable reaches 46 meters, and the height of the lower ring cable reaches 29 meters, marking that the overall state of the stadium steel structure and cable structure has reached the initial state.

Looking up from the auditorium in the stadium, the steel cables are intertwined and connected, and they are stretched with each other. The huge steel grid frame comes into the audience’s view with the art of mechanics, aesthetics, and technology.

As the venue for the closing ceremony of the 6th Asian Beach Games, some applied materials have also achieved breakthroughs.

According to Sun Yuhou, chief engineer of the Second General Contracting Department of Beijing Urban Construction Sixth Construction Group, the stadium cable truss structure adopts domestic high-vanadium closed cables, with a maximum diameter of 120 mm.