The official website of the 2020 6th Asian Beach Games has been updated

2020-05-12 19:34:44  

On May 12, 200 days before the 2020 6th Asian Beach Games (hereinafter referred to as the Asian Beach Games), the new version of the Asian Beach Games official website has been officially launched. The updated website has been redesigned and optimized to enrich the content. It aims to optimize the interactive experience by offering smoother browsing.


1. The website has a concise, stylish new design

The new version of the official website is more concise, stylish, and smooth. The overall design is based on the yellow, blue, and green theme colors of the emblem, which matches the image of the dynamic Games mascot Yaya.

The updated new official website focuses news and service, and has added columns such as Games Services, Videos, Images, and Hainan Free Trade Port to highlight the unique characteristics of the Asian Beach Games. Also, the content of key sections such as News and Charming Sanya has been optimized and upgraded. The latest news about the Asian Beach Games will be delivered to the world as soon as it is available.


2. A bilingual website with an international vision


To better promote Asian Beach Games to the world, the English website has been upgraded in terms of content and visual design. It aims to become an authoritative platform for users around the world to fully understand the Asian Beach Games.

The website now offers ten major columns to improve readability, including News, Games Services, Videos, Images, About Sanya 2020, Hainan Free Trade Port, and Charming Sanya.

3. Convenience oriented services for users


This update offers users convenient services on more service platforms.

The official website has also launched a Games Services column, providing users with more detailed, thoughtful services.

4. Showing Sanyas new, unique style


This update has also added two new columns: Hainan Free Trade Port and Charming Sanya.

The Charming Sanya column has five sub-columns including City Construction, Tourism and Culture, Accommodation, Local Cuisine, and CDF. Through various forms of content including pictures and videos, it fully promotes the great changes in the city construction and development of Sanya during the preparation for the Asian Beach Games, and introduces the beautiful scenery, history, and culture of Sanya, as well as provides information on hotels, food, tourism, shopping ,and more, so that users can better understand Sanya, and the entire province of Hainan.


With the approach of the Asian Beach Games and the continuous development of related activities, the official website will continue to be optimized.