The Asian Beach Games to train a group of professional sports talents in Sanya

2019-10-31 18:54:33 News source:This is Hainan 

"We are all very happy and hope that this sports event will come soon," Speaking of the 6th Asian Beach Games, which will be held in Sanya, Wang Jianghan, executive vice president of the Sanya Five-a-side Football Association, is full of expectations. From his perspective, to hold the Asian Beach Games in Sanya is an excellent opportunity for the promotion and development of beach soccer events, and it can also help to train professional sports talents in Sanya.

National Women's Volleybal Team prepare for the Sanya Asian Beach Games. (Photo by Su Xiaojie/Hainan Daily)

"The most soft and clean beaches of Sanya are the valuable resources for beach sports and further use," Wang Jianghan said.He believes that with the progress of Asian Beach Games, more and more people will fall in love with beach sports.

“More importantly, with the support of the event, it can promote the professional development of Sanya beach sports,” Wang Jianghan stated. As the competition is progressing, various professional training projects for athletes and coaches are launched in Sanya, which will further enhance the skills for local athletes and coaches. At the same time, in recent years, Sanya City has vigorously created a national fitness atmosphere and promoted beach sports. The mass base of Sanya beach sports has been continuously enhanced. "I believe that after the practices of Asian Beach Games, a group of professional sports talents will emerge."

Men play fooball on the beach of Yalong Bay in Sanya. (Photo by Wang Kai/Hainan Daily)

"I hope to try my best to let people know about the Asian Beach Games and beach soccer," In order to welcome the event, Wang Jianghan said that he often organizes good friends to play beach soccer together. As an association, they will actively cooperate with the media department of the organising committee to organize some activities on beaches as well as in campuses and parks, so as to promote the beach sports to youngsters.

Tips for Asian Beach Games:

3x3 beach basketball is an extension of street three-person basketball and an emerging game that is being promoted. At present, beach basketball has been well developed in some Asian countries including Indonesia, India, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Kuwait, etc., which all have regular beach basketball teams. However, the beach basketball has not been so popular in China yet. The Chinese men’s and women’s teams participating in the Asian Beach Games Beach Basketball Competition are the players from Chinese Basketball Association, like the Liaoning and Shandong basketball teams.

Source: Asian Beach Games 2020 Organising Committee Sanya Media Department