About Sanya 2020


2020-04-29 09:52:43  


Wind Surfing is called a  “Blue” water sport, and have a unique, passionate charm. It is a new kind of water sport, a cross between sailing and surfing. Windsurfing requires a stable board, with a mast that can turn in any direction, a sail, and a boom. Windsurfers make use of the power of wind, using the boom to control the sail and increase speed on the water, and turn by changing the direction of the sail and center of gravity on the board, and so the influence of wind speed on Windsurfing Competitions is relatively large. Sailing is a sport that combines skilled competition, entertainment value, and adventure. It has a relatively high entertainment value, making it a crowd favorite. In the year 1900, sailing was included in the second modern Olympic Games. Modern sailing is now popular in many coastal countries and regions, as well as an important method of cultural exchange between different countries.