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2020-04-29 09:40:34  



Sports Climbing is a new sport originating from rock climbing. It relies on innate climbing instincts and acquired skills, with the help of some auxiliary tools and protective equipment to climb rock cliffs, crevices, outcroppings, inclined planes, upward angles, and other rock formations. Sports Climbing combines fitness, recreation, and competition, requiring climbers to have a courageous, tenacious, never-give-up spirit, as well as excellent flexibility, sense of rhythm, and rock climbing technique. Only then can  the climber move effortlessly and accurately across cliff faces of various elevations and angles, successfully completing horizontal shifts, turns, jumps, stretches, and other thrilling moves, showing a sense of grace, flow, excitement, and power. That’s why this sport is sometimes called “Cliff Ballet”, or “Rythmic Gymnastics on the Cliff”. Sports Climbing can be divided into two categories: Technical Climbing and Speed Climbing. Technical rock climbing is a competition that shows climbers’ strengths and weaknesses on a technical climbing route. The Technical Climbing Competition is scored according to the height on the cliff face that climbers reach during the competition time period (if the route is horizontal, progress will be scored according to the distance reached along the tracking rope). The route will be set by competition officials according to the skill level of the climbers, and is usually set at a high level of technical difficulty. The Speed Climbing Competition is similar to the 100 meter race in the Athletics Competition, with climbers in teams of two or other arrangements climbing along a fixed route, with the climber reaching the set height in the shortest time declared the winner.