Sports Tourism, Sanya's New Fashion

2020-04-29 14:49:24  

The 6th Asian Beach Games will be held in Sanya from November 28th to December 6th in 2020. It is expected that over ten thousands of people including athletes, coaches and media workers from home and other Asian countries will gather in Sanya, and numerous sports fans will come to watch the games. International guests can immerse themselves in traveling in Sanya while enjoying exciting sports atmosphere. Thus, sports tourism has the potential to be a new trend of fashion.

Huang Jing, a tour guide from a local tourism agency, has been working in tourism field for three years. She smiled and told the reporter, “first of all, the Asian Beach Games provides a great opportunity for tourism workers. Sports tourism is a new fashion, and sports events can attract plenty of tourists, which is what we long for.

Huang added, “I’m afraid we would be quite busy to manage our work if a great amount of tourists flood into Sanya next year.” To prepare for the meeting in advance, she selects information about customs in other Asian countries and gets familiar with it in order to avoid misunderstandings when providing services for international tourists.

In addition, Huang takes another factor into consideration. She said, “Many attractions' introductions in Sanya are in English, Japanese, Russian and Korean. But the traveling experience might be impacted if some tourists who cannot speak English.” Therefore, Huang contacts her college friends who study minority languages, asking them for help to translate the information about the attractions in Sanya, so that it will be convenient for the tourists to understand the content."

Huang believes that the games will also be a challenge to her and other tourism workers, since the athletes and tourists have traveled to many places around the world and enjoyed high-quality service. Huang said, “we worry that our service would not make them satisfied, which might not leave a good impression on them.” She expressed her great stress growing from this aspect.

"Anyway, we are supposed to provide better services for tourists through improving ourselves so that both domestic and international visitors will adore the culture and customs when they enjoy the beautiful landscape in Sanya"; Huang added.

The 6th 2020 Asian Beach Games

The 6th Asian Beach Games to be held in Sanya Hainan will be the only intercontinental comprehensive sports meeting in China in 2020, the first one organized in Sanya, Hainan, as well. It is expected that around 4,000 athletes from 45 Asian countries and regions will take part in the meeting, and about ten thousands of people will meet in Sanya, including government officials, coaches and reporters.

Source: Asian Beach Games 2020 Organising Committee Sanya Media Department